Toei Animation Admits to Losing Track of One Piece Episodes

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In a report acquired by Anime Maru late last week, director Goro Taniguchi and his staff admitted to having lost track of the episode count for the popular Toei Animation anime series One Piece.

The report indicated that staff members often didn’t know if the number written on the production office whiteboard was the number of the current episode or the next episode.

“We just kind of stopped caring, sometimes we’d forget to add one, other times we added two episodes. One day we went backwards an episode count. We’re still not totally sure how we managed to do that, but we’re surprised no one noticed at all,” anonymous member of the production team told Anime Maru.

As of today no one is truly sure how many episodes of the anime there are. When we consulted a fansubbing group, they admitted to not knowing the episode count either, stating that they think it’s somewhere between six-hundred and seven-hundred episodes, but that they didn’t actually have anyone counting.

All attempts to take count of the amount of episodes has lead to viewers being bored and annoyed by the pacing.

Earlier today, Toei Animation released a statement stating their intention to restart the episode count at 1, hoping that will clear up the confusion. As of press time, two episodes titled “Episode 1” and an episode titled “Episode 4” were reported to be in production.

In other news, fans of One Piece have burned down the newly-re-reconstructed Akihabara for unknown reasons.

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