Toei Explains Sailor Moon Crystal Schedule: ‘Only So Much Outrage We Can Take Each Month’

Toei's offices after the airing of episode 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal

Toei’s offices after the airing of episode 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal

TOKYO – Toei Animation responded today to complaints that Sailor Moon Crystal had a bimonthly airing schedule instead of a regular weekly schedule. According to an official statement by the studio, fans have responded so negatively to the show they have to limit themselves to two periods of outrage per month.

“There has been an enormous amount of hype and anticipation for this anime,” said director Munehisa Sakai. “Fans have been waiting for so long to get a modernized version of Sailor Moon that also conformed more closely to the source material. However, we botched it so badly that we couldn’t run the risk of having to weather four waves of outrage every month. Consequently, we decided to air the episodes every other week.”

According to Sakai, this was done both for the emotional benefit of the creators and for logistical financial reasons. “Since our offices and large swaths of Akiba are torched after every episode airs,” he said, “our financial department had to space out the air schedule to enable the rebuilding efforts.”

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