Toei Spends 80% of World Trigger Budget on Purple Sparkles


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The animation in Toei Animation’s latest work, World Trigger has come under criticism from several sources this season. Commenters cite an excessive use of still-shots, undetailed character models, off-model sequences, and a lack of proper shading to be the main contributing factors.

However, recent comments made by the show’s director, Mitsuru Hongo, acclaimed director of other masterfully animated works such as… Crayon Shin-Chan… may shed some light on the reasons why.

“Aw man, guys. Did you see those purple glowing sparkles? Those looked awesome right? The way they float and scatter like that? It’s a thing of beauty. So proud of the team right now.” the 55-year old director was reported saying.

Indeed, viewers have taken notice of the purple glowing sparkles that occur in both in the opening and during transformation sequences. Hongo reports they have spent upwards of 80% of their total budget on the purple glowing sparkles alone. Word is that they are very visually stimulating and elicit feelings of confusion at their artistic brilliance.

“Seriously, those purple glowing sparkles are outstanding… why can’t the rest of the show look that good?”, a Crunchyroll comment read.

When questioned, Hongo had this to say, “At the end of the day, as the director, I have to make the call. Either we go with fluid, detailed and consistent animation… or we have purple glowing sparkles. I think most fans can agree that we made the right choice”.

While opinions are still mixed, one can’t help but respect the man’s artistic integrity and dedication to his vision.

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