Toei Reveals Dragonball Super is a 150-Part Movie Series


Immediately following the announcement that the awaited Digimon Tri would be comprised of six feature films, Toei also confirmed their plans for the upcoming Dragonball Super.

“We’re taking a very unique approach, I believe. We plan to release Dragonball Super as a series of one hundred and fifty half-hour long films, aired weekly on television,” said Katsuhiro Takagi, the current president of Toei Animation.

According to Toei, this new approach will revolutionize anime as we know it. Bringing the anime you love, straight to your television once every week.

“No longer will people have to get up and go to the theater, pay insane prices for crappy popcorn and sit next to other fat sweaty nerds. They can now enjoy the same adequate animation quality they’ve come to expect from us at Toei Animation in the comfort of their own homes,” Chairman Kozo Morishita added.

Toei has remained quiet on what exactly the plot of Dragonball Super will be. The president was quoted as saying, “We honestly have no fucking clue. We’ll just make it up as we go along, that’s worked out before, right?”.

In other related news, Toei would like us to remind you that yes, Sailor Moon Crystal is still airing, and they would very much appreciate it if you checked it out.

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