Yoshihiro Togashi Announces He’s Taking a Hiatus From his Hiatus


Yoshihiro Togashi announced in a press conference yesterday that he will be taking a hiatus from his well-known and ongoing series of hiatuses. Reportedly he will be using this free time to write chapters for his side project manga, Hunter x Hunter.

“I know that many fans will be disappointed that I will be putting a temporary stop to my hiatus. The reason for the break is for my health, after all, playing Dragon Quest for so long without moving from one spot can really hurt your back, so I need to take a short break. Also, I was starting to run out of money to buy food and Dragon Quest games, so they’re making me write for a little while so I can get paid again.”

Togashi assured his audience that this hiatus hiatus will not last long. “I only expect I’ll have to stop my hiatus for about 10, maybe 12 weeks. Just long enough to publish enough chapters to get another full volume out, then things will go right back to normal. I may even return to my hiatus for a week or two in between there, just to make sure that fans of my hiatus aren’t completely unsatisfied.”

“Long time fans of my hiatus have nothing to worry about, trust me. I’ve been having hiatuses for over half of my career at this point; it’s become the thing I’m best known for, a key part of my charm, and I have no plans of giving up on my hiatus any time soon. Rest assured that very soon I will start complaining about health issues and making excuses, and before you even know it I’ll be right back to doing nothing, just like usual. I have my legacy to look out for, you know?”

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