Tokyo Anime Award Recognizes ‘Violet Evergarden’ as “Most Okay Anime”

TOKYO, Japan — The Tokyo Anime Awards, a festival seeking to recognize and award excellence in Japanese animation, has announced plans to create a new award category “Most Okay Anime” in a statement released earlier this week. The organizing committee then immediately awarded the prize to Kyoto Animation’s Violet Evergarden from the past winter season.

The award committee lauded the series for its ability to generated unbelievable hype before ever airing. Despite the unrealistic possibility for Violet Evergarden to live up to its lofty expectations, critics praised the show for being “okayish in a way, in retrospect.”

When discussing the traits that made the series especially fitting for the category, everyone in the committee could agree that the series was indeed an anime and featured elements such as a cast and a plot, which are all very okay things for an anime to have.

After carefully analyzing every aspect of the series, the committee concluded that Violet Evergarden is stunningly beautiful for a TV anime, but the use of peculiar effects like chromatic aberration created a cramped and busy visual style. The anime had many emotional moments, but the myriad melodramatic subplots — existing for no other sake than being as sad as possible — diluted the overall narrative focus, which made the drama a bit dull.

“All these qualities make Violet Evergarden really okay in a way, but not especially great or anything,” read the official citation published by the Tokyo Anime Awards. “It is works like Violet Evergarden that remind us all what anime as an medium is all about: mediocre adaptions and kind of okay things you watch out of habit.”

The award has not been without some controversy. Commentators has questioned whether Violet Evergarden was truly the most okay anime out of all the okay shows this year over potential snubs like Darling in the FranXX.

In response, the committee stated that Darling in the FranXX does not even qualify as being okay.

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