Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Confirmed

Tokyo Ghoul Root -1

A third season of Tokyo Ghoul was announced earlier this week. According to official sources, the series will air during the Winter 2016 anime season, and Madhouse will be taking over the animation from Studio Pierrot. Tokyo Ghoul √(-1), gives Touka Kirishima the spotlight that she missed out in the previous season. With its highly respected position in animating particularly darker types of shows, Madhouse will be continuing that trend in detailing Touka’s descent into college application madness. The animation director refused to answer whether or not Touka would have white hair by the end of the show, instead enigmatically telling Anime Maru staff to use other college students “as reference”.

“This is perhaps the most disillusioning, psychological and darkest plot line that we will attempt to adapt” the anime’s writer Bob* stated. “We hope to remain as faithful as possible to the source material, although we cannot guarantee that more gory scenes such as Touka’s standardized exam test-taking will not be censored.”

The first episode exclusively available to Anime Maru staff features monologue where Touka laments her distress over choosing between Kamii University, To-Oh University, and Duke University. However, with the rise in racial tensions in the United States and the recent incident of a noose found hanging at Duke, the fear of ghoul discrimination is particularly omnipresent.

According to Anime Maru analysts, Touka’s inability to answer the “why xyz college” will pose an enormous psychological barrier to her potential college acceptances. “The only reason why I want to go to Kamii is to be with Kaneki, but he did a Mark Zuckerberg on me and dropped out in order to move on to greater things. I’m not even interested in literature,” Touka wrote in her first of seven drafts. Meanwhile, her To-Oh essay is a mere 5 words: “I think I like justice”. With the growing rate of college ghoul dropouts, the increasingly shrinking college acceptance rates, and the abnormal expectations placed on high school students, Touka hopes that her recent entrepreneurial startup cafe will be enough to bulk up her resume and make up for her essays.

Fans claim that their only desires are: a) not rushing the plot and b) animating Tokyo Ghoul √(-1) with much more consistent quality key frames that depict Touka’s typemanship as dramatically as Light Yagami’s penmanship.

Light's penmanship

*Due to fear of backlash from exposing the deepest secrets of the college admissions process, Bob’s true name has been kept private.

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