Travelling Ice Show ‘Yuri on Ice on Ice’ Begins Worldwide Tour


YOKOHAMA, Japan — Patrons at the Yokohama Bank Ice Arena are lined up eagerly, many who have been anticipating this night since tickets sold out months ago. They are awaiting the debut of Yuri on Ice on Ice, a new ice show that celebrates the magic of the anime Yuri on Ice. The show is embarking on a worldwide tour over the next two years, with performances scheduled in Sydney, New York, Moscow, and London.

A description of the show from a media guide reads in part:

“TV Asahi presents Yuri on Ice on Ice!Celebrate the most memorable moments of the anime Yuri on Ice with Katsuki Yuri, Victor Nikiforov, and Yuri Plisetsky and embark on a worldwide journey of competitive figure skating and male friendship. You and your family will explore Japan, Russia, China, and ultimately Spain for the ISU World Championship. Join us for a memorable night of song, dance, and tonkatsu ramen that you and your family will cherish forever!”

“I’m really looking forward to this show; I’m especially curious how they will choreograph the hot springs scenes and the figure skating routines,” one attendee told Anime Maru. “I’m even more excited about the ice show adaptation that’s been announced of this ice show: Yuri on Ice on Ice on Ice.”

“My friend offered me tickets to this year’s Grand Prix, but I turned it down. I feel like figure skating competitions don’t really stick to the story.”

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