Trigger Announces Kiznaiver Themed Real Escape Game


Trigger, the studio behind such hits as Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia, announced that they will hold a Real Escape Game in support of their newest anime, Kiznaiver. While most games of this genre see people working in teams to escape from a maze or other similar structure, Triggers newest effort will force players to solve puzzles, or risk being subjected to horrible pain via a system of electrical shocks administered by patches attached to their bodies. The studio assures players that it will still be less painful than actually watching the show itself.

Kiznaiver is an anime all about people coming together and solving problems together under the threat of grievous harm,” said Trigger president in a statement released today. “And we thought that the experience would translate well to a Real Escape Game. While it would be impossible to replicate the pain-sharing technology from the anime, the electric shock system we have in place is a fine substitute that simulates the experience quite well. Of course, since the pain inflicted by the system can be quite great, everyone who wishes to tackle the game must sign a waiver before hand. Ever since the disaster that was the Little Witch Stage Show, we can’t guarantee the safety of our audience anymore.”

The first of the Kiznaiver-themed games will be held at Tokyo in May, with more to come throughout the show’s run. While have some have complained that the shock element of the game is brutal and completely inhuman, most have agreed that it is much better thought out then Trigger’s last Real Escape Game, an Inferno Cop-themed affair that was constructed of cardboard and glue that was then set on fire.

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