Trigger Announces Limited Edition 50 Volume Blu-Ray Release of ‘Space Patrol Luluco’


Following the huge success of the Little Witch Academia limited edition Blu-ray set, which features the first three episodes of the show for a bargain price of ¥6,800, Studio Trigger has announced the release of a collector’s edition limited release of their hit 2016 anime Space Patrol Luluco, split into 50 volumes.

Each volume is expected to contain around one minute of the show, and will include special limited edition collectors items such as stickers, bubble gum, random twigs and pebbles found outside the studio, and director Hiroyuki Imaishi’s used tissue paper. The studio has also announced that a special plastic water gun with the words “Justice Gun” written in sharpie on it will be given out to fans willing to buy every single volume of the set.

Trigger has stated that each volume will retail for around ¥12,000, or around $115.

“Well for sure I want those extra prizes, they’d be priceless to me. I doubt I would even watch the discs,” lifelong Trigger fan Dustin Miller tells Anime Maru. “I plan to keep the set in the top shelf of my Detolf right above my Luluco Nendroid and my collection of Kill la Kill figures.”

“The price is a little steep for just a minute of animation each, but you know that minute of animation is superior Trigger animation, drawn and folded over a thousand times and vastly superior to any other animation on Earth,” said Ken Samartic in agreement. “You can’t put a price on watching anime be saved.”

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