Trigger Reminds Media They’re Still a Legit Studio


TOKYO, Japan — Studio Trigger held a press conference earlier this week to assuring the public that they are, in fact, still a legitimate anime studio. The press conference began with studio representatives repeatedly telling the assembled press that they still are working on very worthwhile projects that the community will be very happy to watch.

Hiroyuki Imaishi, one of the co-founder’s of Trigger, had this to say at the conference:

“I want you all to be assured that we are still in fact a real studio, and we do still make good and game-changing anime. I mean, remember Little Witch Academia? That was great, right? Who didn’t love that! You guys even gave us more than enough money to do a sequel! Don’t forget we still do good things like that. please don’t forget…”

When one reporter asked if they would still do original works like Kill La Kill, Imaishi responded enthusiastically.

“… oh, oh yeah! what about Kill La Kill? You guys went crazy for that! Remember all those jokes about us ‘saving anime’? We still do stuff that can save anime. Please believe us.”

Trigger went on to claim that they only make quality work, utilizing the full skills and capabilities of their staff. When asked about Inferno Cop and Ninja Slayer they had this to say:

“What are those? I haven’t heard of those anime. I don’t remember who did those. But how about we forget about those shows. Who needs to remember who did what show or whatever. I mean, what does Gainax even do now? Houkago no Pleiades?”

At the conclusion of the press conference, Trigger representatives reiterated that they are, in fact, still working on great, thought-provoking anime that was “sure to rival even our best work at Gainax,” and that they “weren’t just the former husk of what the Gainax A team used to be”. The conference concluded with Imaishi and Ohtsuka passing around a hat for Little Witch Academia III.

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