TSA Refuses to Accept Man’s Crunchyroll Passport


NASHVILLE, TN — Crunchyroll user Carl Johnston was held up at Nashville International Airport today for several hours after TSA agents refused to accept the Crunchyroll passport he presented to board his flight to Japan.

“I’ve been wanting to go to Japan for a while now, but my passport’s expired and it always seemed like too much of a hassle to renew it,” Johnston explained. “But then I saw that Crunchyroll was giving out passports to Japan if you watched anime on their site, and I thought that was much easier than going outside.”

Despite having every stamp on his Crunchyroll passport, Johnston was not allowed to board his flight. Johnston claimed that the TSA agent said, “this is just a piece of paper you printed out,” despite his Crunchyroll username Smokugo69 being clearly printed at the top.

“I saw so many people posting their passports online and saying they hoped to go to Japan soon, I thought they were planning upcoming trips,” Johnston tells Anime Maru. “I assumed Crunchyroll had a deal with the Japanese government, and the passport was like an entry test about Japanese culture before you were let in the country.”

“I mean, it made sense to me, Food Wars is about Japanese food, Urahara is about Japanese fashion, Dies Irae is about Japan’s relationship with Germany, and Recovery of an MMO Junkie is about the lifestyle of most otaku. They even included Black Clover to make sure you knew every generic shounen plot beat.”

While Johnston was disappointed he was forced to delay his trip to Japan, he was at least thankful he got to watch exactly two good anime thanks to the promotion.

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