Twitch Replaces PogChamp Emote with BTS Variants

Following its decision to remove the infamous PogChamp emote, Twitch has announced that it will be replacing the original emote with a new selection of variants based on the K-pop group BTS.

The PogChamp emote was removed last week after the individual behind its original image made several controversial statements and encouraged further “civil unrest” from US Capitol rioters.

Twitch originally considered replacing the emote with a rotation of different creators, which would change every 24 hours, but quickly scrapped the proposal after realizing that using streamers would be a terrible idea if the intent was to avoid further controversy. Instead, it was decided that it would be best to base the replacement on popular individuals not directly associated with the platform.

Twitch asked users on Twitter for suggestions on who to potentially use as a replacement and immediately received hundreds of replies from users posting video clips of BTS members. Impressed with the amount of feedback, Twitch decided to roll with the suggestion.

“Get ready ARMY!” read an online statement from Twitch. “The new faces of PogChamp have arrived starting today.”

The new PogChamp emotes include several different varieties of all 7 members of BTS. The exact emote that appears is random, changing every time it is used. Twitch encouraged users to try out the new emote for themselves and see how many different variations they can discover.

Since implementation of the replacement today, BTS stans have already begun frequently spamming the new emotes and flooding nearly every available chat feed, a remarkable improvement over the usual doxing and swatting that usually occurs on the platform.

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