Twitter Account of ‘Berserk’ Creator Kentaro Miura Promotes NFTs

Fans are both confused and upset after the official Twitter account of Kentaro Miura, creator of the legendary Berserk manga series, began tweeting about an upcoming release of related NFTs.

Miura passed away in May, earlier in the year, taking any hope that his work would be completed along with him. Miura’s publisher, Hakusensha, now maintains the Twitter account and rights to the Berserk manga. The tweet received backlash from fans who saw the move as an attempt to use the deceased creator’s image in order to cash in on a trend.

“This is terrible. The legacy left behind by Berserk does not deserved to be tarnished with a sellout act like this,” commented Twitter user Motnitro whose own profile predominately featured gacha style games such as Fire Emblem Heroes.

Despite the initial negative reception, Hakunsensha defended its decision and said it would still be going through with the NFT launch.

Berserk will continue to live on in the blockchain,” Hakunsensha said in a brief statement, following the tweet. “We cannot think of a better way to preserve the history of Berserk than through the exciting decentralized technology that non-fungible tokens offer.”

Miura himself had a rather reserved media presence, rarely appearing in photographs and generally staying out of the public eye. The idea that he would have ever posted online to promote NFTs seems highly unlikely. As a big fan of The Idolmaster games however, it would not have been out of the question for Miura to purchase Idolmaster NFTs if they had been available.

Details so far show that the Berserk NFTs will be of individual panels taken from the manga’s 40 volume run. Each NFT will be uniquely identifiable with all the images, in theory, coming together to encompass the entire manga. In a twist from other NFT ventures, customers will not be able to pick which panel they get to purchase, instead every panel will be randomly distributed via a loot box system.

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