Two Suspects Arrested for Selling Eggs Filled with Drugs to Minors

SAITAMA, Japan – Police have arrested two individuals suspected of selling illegal substances to middle school students. The two were found to be in possession of dozens of egg-shaped capsules filled with hallucinogens which the two used to distribute the drugs to young teens.

Authorities state that the individuals primarily seemed to target vulnerable students who had recently experienced a traumatic event and were looking for an escape. At least 4 middle school students are currently known to have made frequent purchases of “eggs” containing hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. Hardship was a common trait among the students with all four admitting that they had recently experienced the death of someone close to them.

The students told police that the pair initially approached them claiming that if they purchased enough eggs that they would be able to save the person that they lost. Most said that they were hesitant at first, but eventually fell into a routine of purchasing eggs as often as they could, sometimes even meeting up with other students to go buy more.

“I was relieved when Ai brought some friends home one day,” mother of one of the students, Oota Tae told local reporters. “She always had difficulty fitting in and making friends at school, so I was willing to overlook her staying out later if it meant being able to interact more with other girls her age. If only I had known early what was actually happening”

The arrested individuals are expected to serve up to 10 years in prison if fully convicted. Parents and community members are calling for the students to receive rehabilitation rather than being punished for their involvement.

Schools in the area have advised students to avoid taking unsolicited advise from strangers, talking animals, or mysterious voices from inanimate objects and to instead seek help from a mental health professional if they are struggling with emotional trauma.

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