Ufotable Airs Let’s Play of Original Visual Novel in Place of Fate/Stay Night Finale


This week Ufotable announced that they were giving up on animating the final episode of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, instead deciding to replace the final episode with a live airing of their own playthrough of the visual novel. Director Iwakami Atsuhiro told our reporters, “Throughout this entire season we’ve gotten nothing but complaints about how we’re ruining the original material by cutting things and that the original is an unadaptable masterpiece. We figured, fuck it, if that’s how people feel, we’ll give them what they want.”

The play through started yesterday at 11:59 PM JST and is expected to take around 72 hours, all aired on live TV as well as streaming over the internet. The anime’s production staff will be playing through each of the three routes, taking special care to give Emiya Shirou’s insightful narration all of the respect that it deserves, berating themselves for every detail not directly adapted into the anime, and stopping every minute or so to confirm to the viewers that they all believe Nasu is a great writer.

Fans of the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel have met this announcement with disappointment and complaint. “Ufotable may be playing through all three routes of the visual novel, but they’re not really offering the full experience. They aren’t even doing all of the bad endings, and I feel that you can’t truly understand the amazing heroism of Emiya Shirou until you see each and every way his alternate universe selves screw things up. Personally, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to talk about Fate/Stay Night until they’ve spent at least 200 hours playing the original visual novel.”

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