UK Royal Baby Retroactively Named “Lelouch vi Mountbatten-Windsor” in a Surprising Case of Ominous Foreshadowing

Buckingham Palace delivered a shocking announcement yesterday, recalling the name “Archie” and renaming the newborn royal baby of Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle retroactively “Lelouch vi Mountbatten-Windsor”. According to the official announcement, Prince Harry insisted that the name be changed in order to celebrate the new Code Geass film, but speculation points to possible underlying and more sinister reasons.

“The previous name simply wasn’t good enough,” Anime Maru royal correspondent Natalie Davis commented on the situation. “I can confidently state that I’m speaking for more than myself when I say ‘Lelouch’ carries both a more royal connotation and the necessary power to revitalize the British Empire as a global imperial superpower.”

The original 2006 television series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion features a youngster named Lelouch planning a coup against the royal family. Government officials have questioned weather the name is meant to imply a possible course for the future or is purely coincidental.

“Now I’m not saying the signs for a rebellion are there, but this all really makes you think what if,” Davis hinted.

Buckingham Palace has made no further comments about the underlying reasons for the new name. Lelouch vi Mountbatten-Windsor is currently seventh in the line of succession, unless something unexpected were to happen to suddenly throw the island nation into a fierce political conflict.

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