Ukraine Conflict Surprisingly Not About Anime

Crimea Conflict

KIEV — The revolution in Ukraine and international tension surrounding the Russian occupation of Crimea has received considerable media coverage and global attention for the past few months, confusing anime fans around the world.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s been all over the news, which I would expect if Kugyuu were to pull some shit like what Hirano Aya did a few years back,” posted tumblr user Sempai Fidelis.

“Russia just wants to annex Crimea right? Maybe Putin just needs bauxite. I’d annex the shit out of Crimea if it meant more bauxite,” tweeted user Imoutotalitarian. He went on to tweet that, based on the Crimean Attorney General, the Ukrainian Navy would make “hella moe ship daughters.” Upon being asked, Imoutotalitarian confessed that he does not know where Crimea is or what the word “annex” means.

At present, several manga artists have been commissioned to produce educational manga explaining the political background and implications of the the Ukrainian Revolution and possible annexation of Crimea using depictions of key political figures as school girls in an after school club.

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