‘Uma Musume’ Publisher Reminds Fans Not to Take Horse Dewormer for COVID-19

Cygames, publisher and creator of the anthropomorphic horse girl franchise, Uma Musume, released a public statement warning fans not to self-medicate with the drug ivermectin in an attempt to treat COVID-19.

Ivermectin, an anti-parasite medication commonly used to treat horses and other livestock, has received increased attention as some people have begun using the drug in a misguided attempt to treat COVID-19. The drug is currently not approved by the FDA for treating or preventing COVID-19 in humans. Health professionals have warned against self-medicating with ivermectin as the typical doses meant for animals can lead to severe side effects.

“We highly discourage the use of unverified medications for coronavirus related infections,” Cygames wrote on their official Twitter account. “You are not a horse and you are not a horse girl. Even if you were, vaccinations are your best option for preventing viral infections, not drugs for intestinal worms.”

In a minor positive note for humanity, luckily fans of Uma Musume do not seem to have widely adopted the idea of using horse dewormer to treat viral infections. Despite the moral ambiguity of being attracted to schoolgirl versions of literal animals, recent surveys show that even Uma Musume fans have managed to demonstrate at least some degree of responsibility when it comes to the pandemic.

Approximately 4 out of 5 players of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby have responded saying that had or were planning to get vaccinated against COVID-19. A majority of players also stated that they felt they already got shit on enough with gacha rolls so they saw no need to shit themselves from overdosing on horse meds.

The news is a promising sign for Cygames’s home country of Japan, which is aiming for a near full vaccination rate by fall. Japanese Health Minister Norihisa Tamura commented that Cygames’s efforts were appreciated during the current health crisis.

“At this point, strange fetishes for anthropomorphic horses are the least of our concerns,” Tamura told reporters. “If fantasizing about fictional horse characters is what it takes to have the public act responsibly then we will take what we can get.”

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