Unannounced Final Season of Gintama Already Ranked #1 on MyAnimeList


A promo picture for the upcoming season of Gintama found hastily uploaded to MyAnimeList

Following the final episode of Gintama’s fourth season Gintama° on Wednesday, the season received an average score of 9.33 and became the new highest rated anime on MyAnimeList. Shortly afterward, MyAnimeList added the currently unannounced sequel its database, which immediately shot up to number one with a perfect 10.0 average based on 13,000 ratings.

MyAnimeList administrator Ketsunoana told our reporters, “While Sunrise technically hasn’t announced another season of Gintama yet, they were totally teasing it with the final endcard saying the battle will continue, so we felt justified adding a page for it. Plus, come on, it’s Gintama, it always comes back. We’re tentatively calling the season Gintama ∞§¶∆ø: Enchousen, but we’ll change it whenever they announce the actual stupid punctuation at the end of the title.”

Fans are already publishing reviews declaring the next season of Gintama to be the greatest anime ever.

“Sorachi has announced that the Gintama manga is going to end in 2016, which means the next season of Gintama is bound to be the final one. That means it’s going to be the best one, which I can say with complete confidence even though I’ve read none of the manga. Honestly I don’t know why we even bother with other anime, Gintama’s basically all you need. 10/10.”

Reviews have affirmed that the next season of Gintama will greatly outshine the others. “I know the next season of Gintama is going to be amazing based on the last cour of this season, which threw out all of that boring comedy from earlier seasons and focused on the thing that Gintama’s always really been about: serious drama. Thank goodness they didn’t adapt all those other comedy chapters, if the next season is entirely dramatic monologuing and fight scenes Gintama will finally reach perfection.”

While Sunrise have not formally announced the final season of Gintama yet, they did announce several Gintama OVAs coming out soon with the hope of finally claiming all the spots in the MyAnimeList top 10.

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