Upcoming Anime ‘Anime Reviewers’ Preemptively Cancelled

TV Toyko announced earlier this week that the upcoming manga adaptation Anime Reviewers, set to debut later this spring, will no longer air on the network. This announcement comes on the heels of controversy surrounding the content of the anime.

Anime Reviewers is a show about a group of adventurers set in a fantasy universe who watch anime and give their opinions on different anime for other adventurers to see. The first episode features the main cast watching and reacting to the first episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteriru season 3 and then discussing their extremely hot takes about the show.

According to an official statement from TV Tokyo, Anime Reviewers “does not meet our network’s broadcasting standards because no one cares about what a bunch of douchebags think about anime.”

Chapters from the manga which depict the cast forming an anime podcast to talk about currently airing anime, giving unqualified generalizations of Japanese society, and complaining about the Fate series have garnered particularly negative attention.

“Anime reviews, and anime about anime reviews are truly depraved and vapid content unfit for airwaves,” the statement concluded. “If people want to read anime reviews, they can go to those seedy sites like MyAnimeList and YouTube and enjoy their shame in their own privacy.”

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