Upcoming Show Breaks New Ground by Featuring Girl Who Has a Crush on Her Older Brother


TOKYO – The upcoming spring anime I’m Surrounded by Cute Girls but Still Can’t Get Laid! (Boku wa Kawaii Onnanoko ni Kakomarete Imasu ga, Soredemo Nekasa Suru Koto wa Dekimasen!) is set to break new ground by featuring a girl character who has a crush on her older brother, the show’s protagonist.

Kawaii Kakoma, which tells the story of an unpopular hikikomori otaku who is inexplicably surrounded by beautiful girls who all have crushes on him but never does anything about it, is already making waves in the anime community due to the announcement. “I applaud the creators for their progressive social stance,” wrote one user on 2ch. “This is a unique and refreshing twist on the garden variety platonic sibling dynamic. I have been waiting for years for the anime and manga industry to finally dare and tackle this sensitive topic.”

But not everyone was thrilled by the controversial decision. Hiroyuki Momotami, head of the Japanese Parents Morality Council, lamented that current anime and manga promote such ideas. “It’s bad enough that kids these days think that hikikomori otaku even have any friends, let alone girls, let alone cute ones who have crushes on them,” he said at a press conference. “The last thing we need right now is for them to get ideas about their little sisters too.”

But the makers of Kawaii Kakoma do not intend to stop here and are already planning their next show, which will controversially focus on a high school student council’s attempts to keep their wacky student body in check. The production company’s website stated: “We want to make breaking new ground in anime synonymous with our material.”

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