Urobuchi Revealed To Have Been Secretly Writing Aldnoah Zero All Along


Today it was leaked that infamous anime writer Gen Urobuchi, who claimed to have not been involved in the production of the space mecha series Aldnoah Zero beyond the initial three episodes, has actually been the sole writer the whole time.

The origin of the leak is unknown, but Urobuchi was quick to comment, “Of course I’ve been writing it. Who would pay to slap my name on their product and only have me write a few episodes? They made a very enticing offer… but I only agreed on the condition that my involvement be falsified”.

When questioned as to his motive, Urobuchi had only this to say, “Why’d I lie about writing it? Because I am so damn sick and tired of everyone blaming me for every little thing they don’t like about it. Even the tiniest nitpicks cause cries of ‘dammit Urobutcher’. Nobody seems to realize what a collaborative process anime production is, and when you’re as famous as me, everything becomes your fault”.

“After everyone blamed me for all of Akiyuki Shinbo’s ideas in Madoka Magica: Rebellion, I swore to dodge the blame in any way I could. I didn’t even want to write anything anymore, but if companies are willing to shell out boatloads of cash just for my name, why would I ever say no? Just say I’m involved in any small way and suddenly everyone and their grandma cares about it”, he continued.

“You know what? Why don’t you just blame all of your stupid problems on me, huh? Someone bashed your Madoka/Homura slashfic? Blame Urobutcher. Didn’t get that job you were after? Blame Urobutcher. Your wife leave you? Fuck it, just blame me! Why not!?”, he ranted on.

Urobuchi claims he doesn’t care who leaked his continued involvement, only that he wish to withdraw immediately. “They broke the terms of our contract, so I’m out and I’m taking my scripts with me. They’ll probably get some loser hack like Tow Ubukata to replace me”, he proclaimed as he stormed out of the room.

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