Urobuchi Skips Psycho-Pass Season 2 to Write Anime about USA-Portugal Tie

"That game had some real Mami moments" said Urobuchi

“That game had some real Mami moments” said Urobuchi

TOKYO, Japan – Gen Urobuchi will not be writing the second season of the anime Psycho-Pass, choosing instead to focus on an anime adaptation of the USA’s heartbreaking tie with Portugal in the World Cup.

“The scenario just really fits my style,” Urobuchi told Anime Maru. “I mean, it starts with a punch to the gut, then slowly builds positive vibes and makes you feel like your dreams are moments away from coming true, and then crushes them under the heel of its boot. I think it’s a perfect fit.”

Team USA fell behind early in its match with Portugal after a goal by Nani in the 5th minute. However, the USA looked much better and more aggressive after the early mistake, continually attacking Portugal’s goal, but were unable to capitalize before the halftime. In the second half, two goals by Jermaine Jones (64′) and Clint Dempsey (81′) completed a stunning USA comeback and had fans around the nation on the edge of their seats. Victory was all but assured until Cristiano Ronaldo, who had been having a lackluster game, found Silvestre Varela to score a crushing equalizer with seconds to go in stoppage time.

“I plan to stick pretty close to the actual course of events,” said Urobuchi. “It’s just good enough without any embellishments. OK maybe just a tiny bit of suffering and death and depression, but only a little. That ending was bad enough as it.”

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