Villagers Disappointed Local Deity Not Cute

GERO, Japan – Local villagers were disappointed today when their local shrine god, Kaeru, came to life and wasn’t cute in the least according to negative posts made on social media.

Shrine volunteer Makoto Hieda recalled seeing a blinding light after local high schooler Jin Morisato ran into an old frog statue. “We were so excited that some cute and lovable girl was going to appear and then all we get is a boring and plain above average sized frog that can talk.”

Other villagers stated their overall disapproval of the newly animated Kaeru’s behavior.

“I thought gods were mischievous and did cute stuff, like in anime. This guy just sits here and tells people to respect the shrine and live moral lives,” local resident Chikane Kuroki told Anime Maru. “We totally got ripped off as a village by having this guy as our shrine god.”

Visits to the shrine have noticeably decreased since Kaeru became animated again.

“People used to come here and have a small laugh that the shrine was devoted to a frog god,” said food cart owner Takumi Tachibana. “Now people aren’t laughing, they are going to shrines that have cute deities or at least have the mystery of not knowing what the deity looks like. We’re talking about adding a mascot or something.”

Some villagers report have developed strategies for dealing with Kaeru.

“He keeps going on about how there are other gods still to free in Gifo and that a group of us should take it up as a quest,” said Mai Mikuriya. “But if the other gods are like him and not cute girls, what would be the point?”

Anime Maru was offered an interview by Kaeru but we chose to decline it, as we needed to investigate an online rumor that a local forest was haunted by a cute catgirl maid.

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