Virtual Keemstar Makes YouTube Debut

Controversial YouTube personality Daniel “Keemstar” Keem made his virtual YouTuber debut this week, christening his new channel with a livestream of himself talking about various happenings in the VTuber world.

“What is up Virtual Drama Alert Nation, I’m your host Virtual Keemstar, let’s get right… into the news!” the stream began. For the next hour, Virtual Keemstar discussed Sakura Miko’s hospitalization, Nijisanji’s Minecraft server, and the situation with Mano Aloe.

The stream, which was watched by over 80 thousand people, concluded with Virtual Keemstar performing some anime song karaoke and mentioning the energy drink G Fuel.

“I don’t think many people expected to see me as a VTuber, but in hindsight it’s obvious,” Keem told Anime Maru. “I go where the drama is, and right now VTubers have the craziest shit going on.”

The VTuber community has taken note of their newest member. Minato Aqua remarked on her latest stream that she was already working on a “Content Nuke” video compilation about Virtual Keemstar.

In a recent tweet, Virtual Keemstar encouraged viewers to send him tips on VTuber drama they would like to see covered. “DM me your favorite out of context video clips and we’ll roll it on the show!” the tweet reads.

“As soon as I get the hastily translated scoop, I’m gonna keep you in the loop.”

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