Virtual Mukbang YouTuber Livestreams Mental Breakdown to Viewers

Followers of virtual YouTuber Tabesugi Kyoko were surprised this week when the online sensation uploaded a livestream of herself in the middle of an apparent mental breakdown. The virtual YouTuber is known for her mukbang content in which she typically ingests large amounts of food while talking about recent drama involved with her life.

In the video titled “Cheesy Fire Noodle Burrito Challenge + Storytime” Kyoko-chan can be seen visibly upset as she proceeds to bawl for nearly half an hour only occasionally pausing to stuff more of an unhealthy food concoction into her mouth. Throughout the video Kyoko-chan made claims that several other virtual YouTubers had tried to slander her, stating that she believes that she has been unfairly criticized. The mukbang VTuber also spent considerable time complaining about her supposed relationship issues with her partner and about her recent weight gain.

“I don’t understand why my life has to be filled we so much drama,” Kyoko-chan said during her livestream as virtual tears ran down from her avatar into a large bowl of spicy noodles. “People don’t appreciate how much I’ve put into making this channel.”

As the stream continued, Kyoko-chan only appeared to became increasingly distraught. When a user in the chat suggested that her weight gain might be the fault of her own eating habits, Kyoko-chan slammed her fists into her table and threw several food items offscreen.

“Is this what you want?!” Kyoko-chan yelled, taking another handful of food into her mouth. “Fine! I don’t care anymore! I’m tired of all these haters lying about me all the time!”

Since broadcasting her breakdown, Kyoko-chan has uploaded another video titled “WE’RE BREAKING UP (emotional)” where she claims to be ending her relationship. Viewers largely doubted the sincerity of the statement, however, as the VTuber had already made similar claims of breaking up multiple times in prior videos.

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