Virtual YouTuber Akai Haato Burns Down House While Filming Cooking Video

BRISBANE, Australia – Firefighters responded to an apartment fire in the Brisbane area last Sunday afternoon. Luckily, no one was seriously injured and the fire was contained before it spread throughout the rest of the apartment complex.

Involved was a female Japanese exchange student, later revealed as virtual Youtuber Akai Haato after she confirmed the news on Twitter.

Haato was allegedly filming in her kitchen when things quickly went awry. The VTuber is well known for her series of cooking videos which involve her haphazardly mixing random ingredients, often burning the food in the process. Haato’s reckless cooking technique was likely the cause of the fire.

Haato is a member of Hololive, a talent agency for virtual YouTubers, and is among the most popular with 472,000 subscribers as of writing. Following the incident, the VTuber plans on taking a short hiatus to recover.

“Expect our Haachama to return soon”, said Hololive staff on Twitter. “Meanwhile, please use this opportunity to recover any brain cells lost from watching her videos”.

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