Virtual YouTuber Suspended After Flying to Taiwan in ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’

Virtual YouTuber Chiwa-chan has been suspended from streaming and social media for three weeks by her management company after a recent livestream captured her flying to Taiwan while playing Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The reaction was prompted after the Chiwa-chan received harassment and complaints from Chinese netizens almost immediately after virtually landing at Taoyuan International Airport in the game. Posts found on Chinese message boards also began sharing her personal information and inciting users further harass Chiwa-chan.

Chiwa-chan’s management company released a statement regretting the “inappropriate political statement” made by their talent “by flying to a certain unspecified location while streaming on YouTube” — a platform that viewers based in the People’s Republic of China cannot legally access.

The reactions of management has not been universally well-received by fans. “Chiwa-chan’s unprofessional actions has put the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, a global superpower, in danger,” read an official statement by a Chinese-run fan channel. “Taiwan is not real, but the insult and harm caused by flying virtual Taiwan in Microsoft Flight Simulator is.”

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