Vlogger Anime ‘In Another World With My GoPro’ to Premiere this Fall

Production Reed, the studio behind the immensely popular anime series In Another World With My Smartphone, has announced a spiritual successor series titled In Another World With My GoPro which is set begin airing during the upcoming fall season.

The series features protagonist Mitemoto Urikire who finds himself one day transported to another world with only his GoPro camera and a Wi-Fi hotspot. While exploring this new world, the main character decides the best course of action would be to film a vlog for his YouTube channel by playing various pranks on the locals. Urikire proceeds with blissful ignorance, inevitably offending the world’s citizens while still managing to gain millions of online views in the process.

“Waddup pranksters,” declared series director Takeyuki Yanase in an online promotional video for the upcoming anime. “We’ve got a truly savage series that I’m sure you are all gonna love. Now don’t forget to like the video, subscribe, and check out our sponsor Squarespace!”

In a preview for the anime, the series protagonist is seen walking around the city where he first arrives. He makes several absurd comments to people on the street which receive confused looks from the locals who cannot understand him. He then proceeds to purchase various items at shops around the city which he ends up either breaking or harassing passerby with. The character ends the odd segment by yelling a website address at the camera where viewers can supposedly purchase merchandise.

Japanese parents have expressed concerns that the series might encourage younger viewers to attempt to imitate the show’s antics. However, television network Tokyo MX argued that no one would be stupid enough to make the effort of going all the way to another country only to display a complete lack of cultural respect, embarrassing themselves and their fellow countrymen, all for a brief shot at internet fame.

We questioned director Yanase for more details on the project to which he responded by pointing a camera towards our shoes, shouting “what are those?!” and then running off with several other staff members.

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