VPN not Making Roommate’s Browsing Sessions any Less Suspicious

WATERBURY, CT – A Connecticut man has failed to make his late night internet browsing sessions any less suspicious to his roommate despite using a VPN. Matthew Wenter, 25, researched and began using a VPN nearly a month ago for obscuring his internet usage. While his connection has remained private from others on the web, the use a VPN has done little to deflect suspicion from his roommate.

“I can hear him at 2 in the morning on his computer all the time,” Garrett Sollan, who lives with Wenter, told Anime Maru. “I would hear this heavy breathing coming from behind his bedroom door as I hear him start clicking and scrolling his mouse wheel like crazy.”

“Anybody would assume that he’s up to something really depraved in there.”

Sollan tells us he rarely enters Wenter’s room, describing it as dimly lit and heavily decorated with various illustrations of anime girls.

According to Sollan, his roommate often uses headphones while on his computer which only has the effect of making Wenter even less aware of his surroundings and prone to making more noise. While Sollan cannot tell what exactly his roommate has been doing, he has noticed that their apartment’s internet connection will slow to a crawl every night approximately between the hours of 11pm and 3am.

“I don’t know what he’s downloading in there; I literally have no way of finding out because he went on ProPrivacy.com and found a VPN that fits his privacy needs and his budget,” Sollan tells Anime Maru before smiling and giving a thumbs up. “But whatever he’s doing I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a part of it.”

“As long as he keeps paying his rent on time, I’ll just pretend I don’t hear anything for now.”

Wenter was last spotted by his roommate opening a BitTorrent client containing multiple large downloads. When questioned about what it was that he was downloading so much of, Wenter claimed it to be “Linux ISOs”.

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