Web Safety Experts Warn Against Accidentally Watching ‘The Asterisk War’


THE HAUGE, Netherlands — An official press release from the Web Safety and Research Institute warns of the new risk of accidentally watching The Asterisk War while using the internet. “Web surfers should exercise extreme caution when browsing the internet, as not to accidentally start streaming an episode of The Asterisk War — or even worse, The Asterisk War 2,” the report reads in part. Experts note the increased risk because the 12 episode action comedy ecchi harem show is available for free streaming on Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Hulu, and even MyAnimeList itself, among other sites.

Though the organization’s primary goal is to educate younger audiences about the importance of good web surfing habits, the Web Safety and Research Institute emphasized that this risk is present to all internet users.

“The internet is a powerful and valuable tool to access information from around the world. But when surfing be cautious and know what links you are accessing. Don’t just click on anything that looks enticing; before you know it, an episode of The Asterisk War might start buffering.”

“If an episode of The Asterisk War starts playing, disable flash plugins and close your web browser. In extreme cases, users have had to disable their computer’s internet connectivity and install three antivirus programs,” the report continued. The organization also recommends against using torrent software as users run the risk of accidentally downloading The Asterisk War.

Recent incidents involving unsuspecting people accidentally watching The Asterisk War include a 23-year-old Malaysian woman who inadvertently watched an episode while playing online games, and a 29-year-old Texas man who was exposed to the show while reading a news article.

“The danger is real, but for now the only surefire way to avoid The Asterisk War is to watch all your anime on Netflix,” the report concluded.


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