Weeb Dad Not Sure When to Give Son Talk About Subs vs Dubs

BOZEMAN, MT – Local anime fan Larry Vincent has expressed concerns over when would be the right time to tell his son why anime should only be watched subtitled, according to a mostly ignored Facebook post made at 5am today.

“I’ve been a weeb my whole life and I just want the same for my child,” said concerned father Larry Vincent. “But in today’s world there are just so many dangers of exposure to dubs. If I don’t give him the talk soon what if his babysitter shows him the dubbed version of Naruto or something first?”

Larry’s family had their own thoughts on his internal struggle.

“He acts all high and mighty now, but I remember when he used to watch Pokemon dubbed as a kid,” said Larry’s father Patrick Vincent. “Hell, I’m not sure he ever figured out that his own name is an anime reference.”

“I feel like he mentioned something like that, but I try to tune that nonsense out,” said Larry’s wife Irene. “It took so much work to keep him from giving our child some weird Japanese name. I’m glad we could at least agree on a more normal name like Ash.”

We talked to child development experts on the potential impact of exposure to dubs at a young age.

“At a young age, children often still cannot distinguish fantasy from reality,” said Dr. Carl Bem. “As such, if you show them a dub they may think anime comes in English, resulting in them ultimately identifying things like Castelvania and even Avatar: The Last Airbender as anime.”

“This obsession with subs vs. dubs suggests that Larry may have unresolved issues with his father,” said online therapist Roy New. “All the anime you really want to see is dubbed anyway, like Death Note, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan.”

When reached out to for his own opinion on subs vs dubs, Ash Vincent provided no further comment, stating he was planning to get really into sports or crypto in the future and avoid all the weeb shit.

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