West Coast Prepares for Upcoming ‘Eromanga Sensei’ Backlash


Major West Coast metropolitan areas are preparing this week for what experts are predicting could be the worst wave of backlash since 2013. The cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego all warned their residents to take precautions during the coming week. Other coastal areas have begun stockpiling sandbags and other provisions for those most likely to be affected.

“The possible dangers didn’t became apparent until the last few episodes,” stated angstologist Anthony Stratous. “At first it was all fairly harmless enough, maybe a panty joke here and there but nothing to worry about. But that all changed when they started focusing an episode on each girl. Before we knew it, people were going full best-girl mode and getting really heated. It has really started to get out of control now and has a lot of people concerned.”

Stratous pointed to a map displaying several high pressure zones forming in the Pacific. “As you can see, high pressure zones have begun forming off the coast of Southeast Asia. As this pressure moves across the Pacific its intensity will only begin to build. Normally this kind of pressure subsides, but this season the levels have grown at an unprecedented rate. We’re still uncertain why people have continued to watch Eromanga Sensei to be honest.”

With its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, California coastal regions are expected to take the worst of any salty backlash washing in from Japanese otaku. Stratous predicts the waves of angst and salt could be enough to cause major damage to public property. With three contending girls, Stratous stated that no matter who the outcome favored a wave of backlash would be guaranteed.

Critics of the claim have stated that the possible disastrous outcome has been largely overstated. Many skeptics believe the ending will simply be vague and unsatisfying, allowing the built up pressure to simply dissipate over time.

“Do you see how dense and uninteresting the main character is? There’s no way he’ll be able to do anything to actually progress the story,” Harem connoisseur and Vice Chairman of the San Jose Community College Anime Club, Raymond Powell stated. “It’ll probably be just be some generic ending where he ‘values Sagiri as his little sister’ or some crap like that. What an utter waste of time. Elf is still best girl though.”

Should the ending be indecisive as skeptics suggest, the west coast will be safe for the moment but Stratous warns that the backlash could become even worse in the future if it is not dealt with. In the case of a second season, salt levels could rise to a level dangerously harmful for local residents. In the meantime, the state of California has issued a warning for coastal residents to seek higher ground indoors and avoid streaming Eromanga Sensei this weekend.

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