Westboro Baptist Church Converted by Sakura Trick, Now Proclaim: ‘God Loves Yuri’


TOPEKA, KS Members of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church have declared themselves “converted” after watching the new yuri anime Sakura Trick.

“Having been exposed to the majesty of pure girls love on Sakura Trick, we can no longer deny that this is part of the Almighty’s plan,” said vocal church member Margie Phelps, daughter of founder Fred Phelps. “God created Yuri, and He saw that it was sugoi.”

Members of the church, who have become infamous for picketing public events and soldier funerals with signs extolling homosexuality, have now announced their transition into full-time gay rights advocates and have already shown their support during a Topeka City Council meeting on the issue of gay marriage, carrying signs praising same-sex relationships.

Responses on social media were mixed, with some users congratulating church members on their newfound tolerance, and others questioning the purity of their motives:


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