Why Pay $8 a Month to Watch a Train Wreck on Twitter When You Can Watch ‘EX-ARM’ on Crunchyroll for the Same Price?

Following the various sporadic decisions after the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, Crunchyroll reminded users this week that their Premium service already offers a wide array of disasters for the same cost as a blue check mark.

Starting at only $8 a month, Crunchyroll highlighted how its Premium service allows subscribers to view absolute train wrecks such EX-ARM, Tesla Note, or Gibiate from the convenience of their computer, game console, mobile phone, or other streaming device. The company’s Premium plan also includes absolutely no ads rather than only a partial reduction of ads currently offered by Twitter Blue.

“When it comes to trash, no one has invested in original programming like we have,” read a comment from a supposedly verified Crunchyroll account on Twitter that could not be confirmed as official. “As an added bonus, all our train wrecks can also be watched without having to deal with the rantings of a delusional egomaniac.”

We attempted to contact Twitter to clarify future plans for the Twitter Blue service but were unable to receive a response due to the entire communications department being laid off.

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