Winged Cloud Announces ‘Sakura Sellout’ Visual Novel

sakura-selloutEnglish visual novel developer Winged Cloud recently announced the next upcoming title, Sakura Sellout, the latest addition to their Sakura line of computer visual novels. The company’s Sakura games are well known for their fan-service elements with each new game often revolving around a particular theme. The company’s past works include well known titles such as Sakura Spirit, Sakura Angels, Sakura Clicker, Sakura Beach, Sakura Beach 2, Sakura Swim Club, Sakura Swim Club but This Time at the Beach, Sakura Santa, Sakura Dungeon, Sakura is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, Sakura Shrine Girls, Sakura Space, Sakura Maid, Sakura Maid 2, Sakura Maid 3, Sakura Maid 3 2nd Strike Turbo Edition, Sakura Christmas Party, Sakura Afterparty, Sakura Agent, Sakura Valentine’s Day, and Sakura Garbage Day.

Sakura Sellout is set to be our most extraordinary visual novel to date,” an official announcement from Winged Cloud stated. “This new title will feature an engaging story, completely original artwork, and endearing characters. We think our players will enjoy this latest addition to the Sakura universe and the unique perspective it offers.”

From preliminary details posted for the games, Sakura Sellout is set to follow a male protagonist with an attention disorder who suddenly finds himself in the company of several large-breasted and glossy-skinned women. The protagonist soon discovers that he is the sole inheritor to his late uncle’s high school catgirl maid hot spring hotel. In order to inherit the hot springs, however, he must first choose one of the workers there to promote as the head manager. As the various girls pine for his attention, the main character has to make his decision while he struggles with his issue of constantly slipping and groping the girl’s chests.

Pre-release screenshots released by Winged Cloud reveal two woman with reflective skin reminiscent of a glazed donut wearing outfits with an apparent disregard to human decency above the waistline. We initially thought the images were of the same character with alternate color palettes, but Winged Cloud assured us that these were two completely distinct characters. When we inquired if more images of the game would be revealed before the game’s release, a representative from the company┬áresponded, “Why? All of you are already going to just buy it anyway.”

Initial feedback from users on Sakura Sellout‘s Steam Greenlight page are positive, or at least seem to be from what we can gather from the mostly grammatically incorrect joke comments. The game has been approved and is preparing for its upcoming release. Sakura Sellout will be available this summer for $9.99 on Steam with an adult patch available on the Winged Cloud website or a Google Images search if you look hard enough.

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