WIXOSS Card Game Causes Sharp Decline in Sales of Other Card Games

Photo showing the discovery of WIXOSS during an archaeological dig

Photo showing the discovery of WIXOSS during an archaeological dig

TOKYO, Japan — Sales of the WIXOSS card game have been on the rise since the end of the anime’s first season, but this uptick has been accompanied by a large decline in the sales of other competitive card games, according to card shop managers.

“Nobody wants to buy any Bushiroad games, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Magic, nothing,” said Okamoto Toshiaki, the manager of CARDSHOP FIREBALL in Akihabara. “Young women have become attracted to how you put your life on the line for a wish when you play, and they refuse to play anything else that doesn’t have that risk-reward mechanic.”

A previous Anime Maru report stated that sales of the WIXOSS game had declined sharply since the airing of the anime’s first season; however, the deadliness of the card game has turned into an attraction, even in unexpected places.

“Women have been the beneficiary, for lack of a better term, of the inherent danger of this game, but men have also attempted to take advantage of it,” said Okamoto. “We’ve been told that for some reason only women are able to tap into the terrifying potential of WIXOSS; however, the boys who frequent our shop won’t hear of it. They’ve bought many boxes and boosters, trying to find a way to make their wishes come true. There aren’t any YOBs in this game, though. Only LRIGs.”

Takara-Tomy, the company behind the creation of WIXOSS, has been criticized for selling a game whose potential can be fully unlocked by one group of people, but company officials have brushed off the criticism.

“Don’t blame us,” said Edogawa Ryuunosuke, the chief of marketing for Takara-Tomy. “We didn’t make the rules. We just found the game in an ancient burial ground one day and decided to market the hell out of it to impressionable youngsters. I don’t even care that you’re going to print this. Go ahead! People will think I’m just being cute and glib! Wait, don’t print that part of it, just the burial ground stuff.”

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