Wizard Barristers Finale to Feature Director Umetsu Reading Script In Empty Room


TOKYO – Due to budgetary reasons, next week’s finale of Wizard Barristers will be comprised entirely of a single shot of director Yasuomi Umetsu sitting in a chair and reading the script aloud.

“We just ran out of money,” Umetsu admitted to Anime Maru. “In fact, I’m not even getting paid to do the finale. It was either me or an intern at Tokyo MX. We couldn’t even get any furniture. It’s just an empty room with a plastic chair and table in it. It’s pretty pathetic. I would have at least liked something comfortable.”

The announcement came following the airing of the largely unfinished episode 11 of Wizard Barristers and the ensuing fan outrage, which resulted in the worst sacking of Akiba since that time someone posted pictures of Aya Hirano bumping into a guy on 2ch.

However, Umetsu tried to remain positive, and promised that he would give it his all. “I’ve been practicing a lot at home,” he says, “and I even do a mean Wakamoto impression. Bon.”

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