‘World Trigger’ Season 2 Delayed Until People Actually Care


It has been almost a year since the series World Trigger premiered to heavy backlash and criticism, much like every other Toei anime that’s been released in the last few years. Anime fans have panned the series for its less than stellar characters, mediocre soundtrack, and poor animation.

In spite of its criticism, Toei Animation decided it would be a great idea to make a season 2. That was, of course, before they actually took a look at the buzz (or lack thereof) on Twitter. “Nobody is talking about the show. I kept looking and all I could find were a bunch of derpy Dragon Ball Super screencaps and Monster Musume waifu wars,” commented Toei president, Katsuhiro Takagi. “Now nobody gets to watch season 2 until people start watching season 1.”

We asked a viewer what he thought of World Trigger, and he had this to say: “Yeah, I couldn’t watch more than a couple of episodes of that show. That animation was so horrible; they should have put a trigger warning at the beginning of the episode. I know some people who were already traumatized by Sailor Moon Crystal, and this show wasn’t helping.”

An Anime Maru correspondent headed over to Toei studios to speak with director Mitsuru Hongo.

“I don’t know what happened with World Trigger. I worked so hard on the show and nobody wants to watch it! I thought the worst part of my career was finished after I directed Pilot Candidate, but it seems as if my past has come back to haunt me. Please, somebody! Watch my show! Pirate it if you have to! Just don’t let my hard work go to waste!”

The five people that pirated the series then later faced lawsuits from Toei.

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