Xebec Announces ‘Chinpo!o!!!!!!!!’ Anime Adaptation

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Anime studio Xebec announced earlier today that it has started production on the anime adaptation of the manga Chinpo!o, created by Daichi Sorayomi. Localized as Dick Whip Guy, the manga tells the story of a man who aspires to be the best in chinpo!o, a gambling sport where male contestants stand on a floating platform and try to push each other off the platform. The twist, however, is that the contestants are only allowed to use their backside and phallic member.

Xebec President Yukinao Shimoji stated that he is very happy to be working with Sorayomi again. The manga, which was first published just two weeks ago, has gained many followers among the female audience. “It is nice to see a sports anime which finally puts males and females on an equal footing in society,” one woman out of several who were walking away from Sorayomi’s home told Anime Maru.

“I am really glad that my newest work is getting an adaptation so soon after the adaptation of Keijo,” Sorayami told Anime Maru. “I just felt a sudden rush of inspiration after seeing the adaptation of Keijo and reading about its reception on various websites. I believe it was driven by my interest of sports and enjoyment of creative thinking… yeah, I’ll go with that.” After the interview, Daichi quickly returned to taping up holes in his windows and collecting pieces of glass from the floor.

Chinpo!o!!!!!!! is scheduled to air in the spring of 2017, and will reportedly feature even more exclamation marks than its predecessor.


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