You Haven’t Made a Dent in Your Backlog, Latest Report Indicates

You have yet to make any significant progress on your anime backlog, according to a report released this week. Various independent sources have confirmed that despite having overall less obligations and far more available free time, progress on your backlog has not advanced in any significant way over the past two months.

The findings have baffled analysts who are unsure how this rare situation of literally being encouraged to stay at home all the time has somehow not correlated with you being able to make any major progress. Shockingly, recent trends have shown you have even been watching less than you normally would have in a past typical work week.

Other unusual factors include the postponement of many of this season’s shows which would typically allow even more time to go back to past series. Some have suggested that perhaps you have been busy catching up with some of the shows still airing such as Fruits Basket and My Next Life as a Villainess, but the idea was quickly dismissed when it was remembered that you are a trash-loving degenerate who wouldn’t be watching such things anyway.

It is currently unknown what exactly you have been spending all of your time on. Initial studies have shown that you have lately been aimlessly browsing the web for hours on end, leading many to suggest that perhaps you never intended to finish your backlog at all – the existence of the backlog itself being merely symbolic and not a goal you ever considered feasible.

In an attempt to understand these findings, investigation has also begun into your backlog of unplayed Steam games in which analysts similarly see no hope in you ever completing.

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