Young Local Heroes Save the Day, Flood Entire City

TOKYO, Japan – A young couple has displayed a courageous act of heroism, according to reports, by demonstrating to the public the beautiful and resilient power of love, managing only to trigger a natural disaster in the progress.

For reasons still being fully investigated, a stop to the torrential downpours in the Tokyo area was directly linked to the couple being apart from each other. Luckily, the two were able to reunite with one another after a series of dramatic events. Witnesses have described the couple’s story as both heartwarming and a hopeful display of young romance.

Excessive rain since the heroes’ reunification has led to major flooding across more than three quarters of the Tokyo area. Over 6 million residents have been displaced from their homes so far with an estimated $215 billion USD in damages – a small price to pay for ensuring the relationship of a couple of teenagers.

“I’ve lost my business, my career, and the place I’ve called home for nearly two decades,” said Sakue Yamada whose bottom floor publishing office was completely destroyed by flood waters. “But I can’t imagine the lifetime of regret I would have had to live with if I had denied youthful love.”

“They remind me of my own first love back when I was a student,” Yoshida Harakawa told our correspondent from in front of her disaster relief tent. “It’s kind of nostalgic and brings back a lot of the carefree memories from that time.”

The Nikkei index fell 18% this week on reports of poor economic outlook due to losses in productivity and damage to critical infrastructure. The government has scrambled to provide resources in order to aid the millions who are now without a home and to prevent flood waters from rising further inland.

Reporters followed up with the local heroes to inquire about the next stage of their relationship to which they responded that they would be putting it on hold temporarily for a few years until after their high school graduation.

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