Your Takes — Hatsune Miku Can’t Understand Virtual Idols These Days

As a virtual idol I’ve always tried to focus on the quality of my music, but these virtual YouTubers just seem to play video games, be bad at English, and scream.

Hatsune Miku, 16

According to a Tokyo-based media research firm, the number of virtual YouTubers, or “VTubers”, have doubled in the last two months, and multiple VTuber channels are among the top 50 Japanese YouTube channels in terms of subscribers. What’s your take on the situation?

Hatsune Miku? Oh yeah, I think my dad mentioned being a fan of her’s back in the day. I guess she is from an old anime or something?

TikTok user @Idols4EVR2004

Vocaloids are just totally dead now. You need modern idols like Shirakami Fubuki who gives the fans what they really want: spicy memes and cute girls saying ecchi things.

Twitter user @TouchMyTetrisSuisei

I won’t let my son or daughter anywhere near these so called “Virtual YouTubers”. I wish we could go back to the wholesome online spaces for teens I had when growing up an anime fan, like AnimeSuki or 4chan.

Claire Thomas-Schaff, 31

We reached out to Hololive production for comment but they said each idol would be responding on YouTube with their own reaction video, live-streaming session, several FAQs, and an ill-advised pooping session.

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