Yuri Hater Still Holding Out Hope For Yuri Kuma Arashi


CHICAGO, IL – The December 5 release of the second trailer for the highly anticipated anime Yuri Kuma Arashi by Kunihiko Ikuhara (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum) triggered waves of excitement around anime fans in Japan and the West, but for yuri haters everywhere, it signaled another sign that this show might not be for them.

However, one staunch yuri hater, Chicago’s Justin Longhorn, remains optimistic. “I kept hoping that the title of the show wasn’t referencing that kind of yuri,” Justin told Anime Maru. “The word also means Lily in Japanese, and it could have even been a reference to a character name. It’s true that the trailer doesn’t leave me much room for optimism, but I’m still willing to give Ikuhara the benefit of the doubt.”

Longhorn said that the hand holding, the declarations of love in the trailer, and even the recent sexually suggestive NyanType poster won’t discourage him. “I will definitely be watching the premiere come January,” he said. “Let’s just hope I’m not wrong about this one like I was about Sakura Trick.”

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