Zoo Temporarily Closed After ‘My Hero Academia’ Fan Attempts to Mate With Frog


NEW ORLEANS, LA — The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans was forced to temporarily shut down this week after fans of the anime My Hero Academia broke into their frog exhibit and attempted to reproduce with the frogs.

Observers recalled that it was a perfectly normal day in the zoo until someone made his way into the frog exhibit and started taking off his pants.

“We managed to restrain him before he could do anything to hurt himself or the frogs, but he kept fighting us and saying he needed to ‘make Tsuyu real so she could use her tongue to make him give her head pats’,” zoo employee Jamie Overmark told Anime Maru.

“Anime fans are the worst. This isn’t even the first time this sort of thing has happened here,” Overmark recalls.

“Right after that Monster Musume anime came out anime fans were broke into our snake exhibit, our spider exhibit and our baby bird nest. We even caught one sticking his dick in the jello we had in the break room, we honestly have no idea how he got in or why he did that here of all places.”

Overmark states that anime should to stop encouraging this behavior of combining animals and humans.

“We need to teach people that regular human ears are just as cute as cat ears, and also that inseminating a cat will not cause it to create a kitty daughter who adds ‘nya’ to the end of all her sentences.”

This incident is not the first time this week a public facility needed to be shut down. Earlier this week, a cemetery was forced increase security when Undertale fans started stealing skeletons.

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