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Man Claims $10,000 Worth of Anime Merchandise was Purchased Ironically

  Responding to replies claiming that he is a giant weeb who buys useless anime merchandise, local internet user KirinoFag27 claims that the $10,000 spent so far on figures and merchandise was…


Slice of Life Fan Concerned Favorite Show May Have a Plot

SIOUX FALLS, ND — A local anime fan recently voiced concerns about his favorite anime of the season potentially progressing toward having a plot. “It wouldn’t bother me,” Ben Grant said in…


New Hipster Trend of Reading ‘Paper Anime’

For every cultural trend there’s a counter-culture — a group of people who reject the norm and stake out on their own. We’ve seen this happen in fashion, music, food, and…


A Comparison of Anime Streaming Sites

As the Spring 2016 season fully gets underway, we here at Anime Maru have put together a completely through and accurate comparison of the major anime streaming services.


Hatsune Miku Caught Lip-Syncing During Concert

  DALLAS, TX: Yesterday Japanese pop-idol Hatsune Miku was caught lip-syncing to her song “Weekender Girl” during the middle of a live show on her American tour. Fans were outraged…


Military Ends Research into the Power of Music

WASHINGTON, D.C. — According to a press release from the Department of Defense released on Sunday, recent military trials involving pop music idols supporting front line combat units have not…


Man Surgically Alters Himself to Resemble CLAMP Characters

CONCORD, NH — Anime connoisseur Mike Styles underwent a controversial surgery last month in order to mimic his favorite anime characters. Influenced by his favorite anime xxxHolic, Styles paid over…


Fans Forget Which Shows to Hate in Current Season

Every new anime season brings a new batch of shows, memes, waifu, and bandwagons for fans to hop on. But arguably the best part of every season is more and more new, imaginative, and compelling…


An Interview With ZUN, Creator of the Touhou Series of Games

  Today, we here at Anime Maru sat down with ZUN, creator of the Touhou Project series of magical-girls-wearing-hats games, to talk about his creative process, how he comes up…


Supporters Celebrate Trump’s Primary Triumph by Masturbating to Anime

Following Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out of the presidential race this week and Donald Trump becoming the presumptive nominee, Trump supporters nationwide celebrated the victory by masturbating to…