Ahogamer Reviews: The New Berserk PS2 Game

I think everyone’s being way too harsh on the recent trailers for latest Berserk iteration coming out this summer. While it may be a little premature to judge based solely…

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Hideaki Anno Confirms new Kojima Game to be Evangelion 4.0

                  At E3 last week Hideo Kojima revealed his studio’s new game Death Stranding. While many fans were disappointed to hear that Kojima…


Lawson’s Announces Promotional ‘Love Live Sunshine’ Themed Garbage Bags

  American plastic ware company Glad announced earlier this week that they were partnering with Lawson’s Convenience stores in Japan in a new promotion that includes Love Live Sunshine-themed garbage bags. Love…


Anime Humor League Officially Retires Shou Tucker Jokes

  The Anime Humor League, the official organization in charge of managing and overseeing anime-based humor, has announced that after June 19th, 2016 it is officially retiring all jokes related…


Pokemon Sun and Moon Revealed to be Pachinko Game

LOS ANGELES, CA — Hundreds of journalists who attended Nintendo’s presentation at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier today, along with thousands viewing the livestream online, reacted with stunned silence when…


Fan Struggles to Find a Character Obscure Enough to Cosplay

SPRINGFIELD, MO — Self-proclaimed semi-professional cosplayer Jessica Dratcher, 19, has been dedicated to her craft for years. She has dressed up as Gunbuster’s Noriko, Ruka from Steins;Gate, and most impressively: a steampunk, genderbent,…


Trigger Announces Kiznaiver Themed Real Escape Game

Trigger, the studio behind such hits as Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia, announced that they will hold a Real Escape Game in support of their newest anime, Kiznaiver….


Ghibli Inspired Worlds Announced For Kingdom Hearts III

  Through a rather large loophole in Disney’s distribution rights, Square Enix has obtained the license to Studio Ghibli’s entire library. Naturally fans have been hoping for some inclusion of Ghibli’s…


Anime Maru Goes to Anime Central 2016: Day 1

We here at Anime Maru don’t get out of the house very often — how else would we bring you the finest in anime news every single day? — we’re…


Hirohiko Araki Runs Out of Good Stand Names

TOKYO, Japan — Since 1986 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has referenced many music icons to the delight of it’s fans. Stands such as Killer Queen, King Crimson, and of course Yo-Yo Ma…