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Welcome to the Ballroom Praised for its Representation of Giraffe People

Welcome to the Ballroom premiered earlier this month, and has drawn attention from various online anime critics for its positive and subtle portrayal of long-necked half-giraffe people throughout its cast….


Sentai Filmworks to Begin Dubbing Using Text-to-Speech Program

Sentai Filmworks, a Texas-based anime licensing company, recently announced its plans to expand its capability to deliver more English dubbed anime to their audience. In the wake of many emerging…

The opening scene of Medieval Kemono Friends featuring a blue Serval.

History of Anime: A Short Look at the Medieval Anime Industry

You might love your anime and manga, but do you know about the origins of your hobby? Did you think anime had its origins in the mid-20th century? Or perhaps…


Man Supports Anime Industry By Playing Little Witch Academia Muted in the Background

UTICA, NY — Anime fan Aaron Foster showed his ardent support for the anime industry this week by streaming Little Witch Academia muted in the background on Netflix while doing other…

I know Crunchyroll's offices are not from the 1990's I couldn't find another good license free image ok?

Crunchyroll Staff Browse Amazon Prime Day Deals for Anime Licenses

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Today is Amazon Prime Day, the annual celebration of the site’s founding which features massive deals for the site’s Prime membership. Along with millions across the country,…


Scientists Warn ‘Re:Creators’ is Dire Warning of What is to Come if Anime is Not Stopped

  HENRIETTA, NY — A team of researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology have published a new study which suggests that, should anime continue to grow in popularity at its…


Giant Dragon Summoned During Dragon Ball Puzzle Hunt

LOS ANGLES, CA — Anime Expo attendees fled the dealer’s hall today as a giant dragon was summoned during the “Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt” event. The Dragon Ball Puzzle Hunt…


Studio Trigger Panel at Anime Expo Draws Raucous Fan Reactions

LOS ANGELES, CA — Fans and media crowded a conference hall at Anime Expo today to attend a panel by Trigger. Anticipation is high for the studio’s official announcements —…


Anime Maru Goes to Japan!

After several years of hard work to climb the proverbial Everest of anime journalism, we here at Anime Maru have finally been able to reap our reward: an all-expenses paid…