Eiichiro Oda Creates Robot Doppleganger to Continue ‘One Piece’ Forever

At 83 volumes, 774 episodes and counting, One Piece is the most prolific series in the anime and manga industry. With other long-form series such as Bleach and Naruto ending in the…


Animators at Studio Deen Unfazed by ‘KonoSuba’ Praise

Since 2016 Studio Deen has been in charge of the anime adaptation of the popular light novel series Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo. Despite a long history in the industry stretching…


Anime Maru’s Guide to Successful Harem Management

Valentine’s Day is an important event for couples all across the world. While dealing with the affections of just one female can be quite the challenge, what about those of…


Researchers Remain Optimistic as Search For Alternate Universes Intensifies

BATAVIA, IL –The United States Department of Energy released a statement this afternoon claiming that researchers are still hopeful about locating an “isekai” — also known as an alternate world — even as the search enters its sixth year without results. Speaking to reporters at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Dr. Albert Porchowsky insisted that the latest models of quantum mechanics predicts the existence of alternate worlds like those depicted in Re: Zero and Konosubarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!.


Macross Creators to Launch Idol into Space for 35th Anniversary

As 2017 marks the 35th anniversary of the ever-popular Macross franchise, many fans were left wondering just what its creators would put together to mark the occasion. An original anime…


Travelling Ice Show ‘Yuri on Ice on Ice’ Begins Worldwide Tour

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Patrons at the Yokohama Bank Ice Arena are lined up eagerly, many who have been anticipating this night since tickets sold out months ago. They are awaiting…


Data Suggests VR Waifu Technology Will Cause Japan to Go Extinct by Year 2080

TOKYO, Japan — Between deadly natural hazards and giant lizard attacks, Japan faces another threat: a plummeting population. Within the past decade, fertility rates have hit record lows and the…


YouTube Announces Plans to Remove Anime Vine Compilations

In an effort to clean up the content hosted on their website, YouTube has announced plans this week to begin flagging and removing all Anime Vine Compilation videos. YouTube has…


The Next Tales Game Will Have “Good Graphics”, Director Promises

Recently released to international audiences, Tales of Berseria is the 16th and latest continuation of the popular JRPG series. Although the game met generally positive reviews, receiving praise primarily for its story and…


Ahogamer Reviews: Fire Emblem Awakening

  Hello gamers. It’s been a little over a week since the most recent Nintendo Direct in which information regarding four new Fire Emblem games was announced, and just over…