Florida Man Hosts Convention Honoring Fake 2D Girls

TAMPA, FL — Once a year a strangely greasy wave overcomes the Tampa Convention Center for a weekend as thousands of Florida men and women flock to an event known as…


‘Teekyuu’ Runs Out of Movies to Name Episodes After

What originally was just a clever gag has now caused big problems, as the crew of Teekyuu have ran out of movies to name episodes after. Studio MAPPA president Masao…


Studio Behind ‘Ange Vierge’ Improves Animation Quality by Cutting Clothing Budget

A new industry report released earlier this week reveals that the animation studio behind this season’s Ange Vierge, Silver Link, reduced the anime’s clothing budget by 85% in order to increase…


Anime Con-Goer Very Disappointed by Republican National Convention

CLEVELAND, OH — Hetalia Axis Powers fan and regular anime convention attendee Heather Lewis admitted to reporters this week that she was very disappointed with her experience at the Republican National…


Next Season of ‘Game of Thrones’ to be Filler Until Books Catch Up

Following the explosive finale to season 6, Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have announced that the next season will be a filler arc while creator George R. R….


Anime Fan Struggles to Cope After Four Years of Not Watching Anime

SEATTLE, WA—During high school, Elizabeth Janeway was celebrated for her exemplary leadership as president of Greenwood High’s anime club. A voracious anime fan, Elizabeth constantly kept the club up to date…


‘Food Wars! The Second Plate’ Episode 2 Review

Of all the shows new shows this season, Food Wars! The Second Plate was probably the one I was looking forward to the most. The end of the first season…


Zoo Temporarily Closed After ‘My Hero Academia’ Fan Attempts to Mate With Frog

NEW ORLEANS, LA — The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans was forced to temporarily shut down this week after fans of the anime My Hero Academia broke into their frog…


Otaku Tricked Out of Basement by Pokemon Go

LLANGEFNI, United Kingdom — Chris Smith’s breath forms clouds in the cold Welsh air as he walks down a rocky path near his home. He pulls his jacket up closer…


Loli Bullying at an All-Time High

Trends in anime can change quickly and unpredictably, as demonstrated by the prevalence of smug faces for anime characters several months ago. Recently, a new trend has emerged into the forefront: loli bullying. Though instances of loli…