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Yuri Kuma why

Scientists Struggle To Understand Why People Enjoy Yuri Kuma Arashi

A paper set to be published in the upcoming issue of the Japanese-American Journal of Science concludes that after weeks of exhaustive observation and study, scientists have been unable to…

Approximately half of the people in this picture actually think they are waiting for a Mahouka fan panel

Long Line at Otakon Revealed To Be Cosplay Of Long Line From Anime Expo

BALTIMORE, MD – A particularly long line at Otakon 2014 turned out to be an elaborate cosplay of a long line from this year’s Anime Expo, which took place last…


Obama Zings Putin At Anime Correspondents Dinner: ‘He Thinks he’s a Member of Zvezda or Something’

WASHINGTON – President Obama was the star of the evening at last night’s White House Anime Correspondents Dinner, sending a string of comedic jabs at Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I…