Adventuring Party Considering Dropping Healer Who Only Uses Essential Oils and Crystals

The hero’s adventuring party is starting to reconsider their recently recruited healer, according to the latest field reports.

Having originally departed the kingdom over a month ago, the brave hero set off with several companions on a quest to defeat the Demon Lord. In order to be well prepared for the final encounter, the King insisted that a healer be brought along for the journey.

Members of the party, however, claim that their new healer, Karen Skydust, has not been able to provide effective treatments, relying mostly on essential oils, healing crystals, and other alternative healthcare methods with dubious claims. Essential oils, unlike potions, are not verified or approved by the National Sorcerer’s Guild for effectiveness.

“When I sustained heavy wounds after our battle with an ogre in the Black Forest, all she did was rub some scented oils onto my injuries,” claimed the party’s barbarian. “I smelled nice, but it didn’t really do anything about the severe bleeding.”

“She gave me this ‘all-natural herbal smoothie’ to make it through the Bog of the Undead,” said Elwarin Woodfate, the party’s ranger. “Needless to say, the Lost Souls of the Ancients did not care about how many herbs I had to drink that day.”

Other members of the traveling group expressed similar statements that the healer’s methods where doing little to help in the progression of their journey. The estimated date to reach the Demon Lord has already been pushed back 2 months due the party needing to take extra time to recover between battles.

“It’s disappointing that after all the work that has gone into developing modern magic, that there are still those that continue to fall for unverified pseudosorcery,” commented the group’s fire mage.

If the healer does get dropped, it would mark the second member to have be let go by the party following a bard who wouldn’t shut up about being vegan.

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