Amnesia Epidemic Hits Anime Fans


Huge news has been brewing the last several days as a huge wave of amnesia has struck anime fans around the world. Victims appear to have difficulty remembering most shows they had been previously hyped for. An Anime Maru correspondent visited several medical facilities to interview victims and provide some insight into the scale of the epidemic.

“Well, there was this one show — it took place at this magic school, and the protagonist was really really powerful. He got all the girls, and at the end of the show, had a really nice harem… I think,” responded 22-year-old Ron Juan after being asked to describe some of the seasonal shows he has loved in the last few years.

This epidemic hasn’t been just happening to younger anime fans, either, but also to older otaku as well. “Oh, yeah. I remember watching this awesome anime on VHS. It had this really GAR protagonist, really cool rock music, and it was very violent. You couldn’t ask me what it was called, but all of the blood and gore made it very, very mature. Especially in comparison to the ultra juvenile anime of today. Seriously, what kinds of stuff do you have nowadays? Tokyo Ghoul? Akame ga Kill? Brynhildr? Not that I like those kinds of shows, or anything…”

We asked Juan to confirm if that is the kind of anime most frequently being put out today. He claimed to not know what Brynhildr is.

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